What we do

Thrive Engagement is a boutique community engagement training consultancy in Australia. We develop and facilitate masterclasses that explore practical tools, techniques and strategies to design, develop and deploy bespoke community engagement. 


Through industry experience and using the latests research tools and techniques, we have built a unique masterclass series, which unlocks the benefits and potential to raise awareness around community topics, and to engage people beyond social, cultural and political divides. 


We help our clients explore the possibilities of thinking ‘outside of the box’ to deliver creative and collaborative engagement methods, practices and approaches that can be applied to all types of community engagement across a variety of industry sectors. 


Thrive Engagement values creative thinking, collaboration and a hands-on approach during our masterclasses.

Key learning outcomes from our masterclasses include:


We develop and facilitate  masterclasses for designing bespoke community engagement

  • Co-design techniques to engage with a variety of stakeholders

  • Strategies to design, develop and deploy creative and interesting engagement

  • Introduction to design thinking methods

  • Methods to establish community partnerships

  • Strategies to bring people, place and technologies together

  • Understanding the importance of place-based engagement

  • Learn how to provide accessible information to drive better quality feedback 

  • Understand emerging engagement practices, such as pop-ups, augmented reality, apps, web platforms and urban art.

  • Introduction to cutting edge digital trends, tools and technologies

  • Learn about out of the box analogue methods, practices and approaches

  • Incorporate digital and traditional methods in engagement design


Dr Joel Fredericks | Managing Director

Dr Joel Fredericks is the founder and managing director of Thrive Engagement. He is an academic researcher, community engagement practitioner and urban planner. Joel brings more than a decade of experience as a consultant on a range of community and infrastructure projects in local government, road, rail, water, telecommunications and energy sectors. He has facilitated national, state and local community engagement programs across a diverse range of stakeholders within Australia. 


Joel’s academic research sits across the domains of community engagement, urban planning, sustainable development, digital placemaking, media architecture, smart cities and immersive technologies.


He is particularly apt at analysing highly complex problems in sustainability and configuring translatable concepts to drive engagement. This includes designing and developing bespoke community engagement programs that have brought about operational changes and increased consumer engagement.


Joel has worked on a variety of transdisciplinary research projects that adopt digital technologies and participatory design methods to support collaborative approaches in designing and developing immersive technologies. This has been published in journals such as the Australian Planner, Journal of Urban Technology, Journal of City, Culture and Society and the International Journal of E-Planning Research. He has been published in edited books and conference proceedings including The Hackable City, Playful Cities, Media Architecture Compendium, Media Architecture Biennale, and the Australian Conference on Human-Computer-Interaction.


Joel has a PhD from The University of Sydney in collaborative city-making focusing on the use of hybrid engagement channels for community engagement. He has a Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning with honours from the University of Queensland.

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Pop-Up Engagement


Our one-day masterclass is a practical, hands-on exploration of tools, techniques and strategies to design, develop ​and deploy pop-ups for community engagement. Using design thinking methods, cutting edge research and practical real-world examples, this masterclass explores emerging digital trends, tools and technologies; as well as out of the box analogue methods, practices and approaches that can be applied to all types of community engagement. 


Pop-Up Community Engagement

We have designed, developed and deployed a variety of pop-up installations located in public spaces for community engagement. Using a hybrid approach, which incorporates digital interactions, as-well-as traditional physical methods, enabled people to have their say around local community topics. Click to see more details about these fun and creative projects.



Through a collaborative, comprehensive approach, Thrive Engagement is committed to delivering with our clients, working closely as a thinking partner and problem solver to achieve positive outcomes and cutting edge engagement.